MMS does not have have the credibility to take resposibiliy

Dr. Lias is not acting ethicly for an edumacted man and being very sneaky, his PhD is in literiture, not medicine or even chemistry!
MMS: Independent Review of Detoxifying Claims

By Dr. Edward Lias

New Humble approved site claiming MMS at 3 times MMS strength is false. The citric activator is is 50% against protocol strength of 10%.

False claims by MMS users only prove the reason for placebo testing! Same person different forums and diferent stories
And the same person afew years ago in relation to stem cells

More charitable false claims, so where does the 7,000% profit go!

Humble claims 75,000 cured of maleria in early 2000's, yet in 2005 he is on chemistry forums asking basic questions about chlorine dioxide and maleria!

Below is a page from chapter 19 of Humbles original book, note Humble say's "this cure has already cured"

So obviously the answer has not been tried yet. Since the government affords much protection to churches and religions, we may consider becoming a religion. That's OK, because that is exactly what we will be. A religion tries to better mankind, and that is what we will be doing. That point we will think about a little more before we decide. Anyone who wants to help and has the ability to do so is welcome, but no one is obliged to help.
The Gentle Revolution people have developed methods of educating children so that they can have a college education with 6 languages and mathematics by the time they are 3 years old. They are very loving children with good childhoods and an I.Q. rating of 180 to over 200. They will change the world if taught properly using this technology.
Anyone wanting to donate anything toward getting this project kicked off is also welcome. Play your own game and throw a little financial help this way. We will need help. We can't do it without help. Remember, as the religious people say, you are helping with your future, but it is here on Earth, rather than in heaven. I have a Plan: I have a three step plan. I hope you will like this plan. Step (1) I discovered a cure for malaria. At this writing this cure has been used to cure over 25,000 cases of malaria. The cure is miraculous. In 99% of the cases all malaria symptoms in the victim are gone within 4 hours. That's all. The patient gets up and goes to work. The cure is cheap. It actually costs less that 1 cent.
Another thing, this cure has already been used to cure 390 cases of aids, over half of them were cured in 3 days. However, the cost goes up because of distribution costs. But even at 20 cents a dose, hundreds of millions of dollars will be made.
Giving money to governments to buy the cure simply allows the governments to steal the money. We must create a distribution system. That project is already in the works. You may know that malaria is the greatest cause of poverty in the world. Every year over 500,000,000 people get malaria and cannot work. Once we cure malaria much of the worlds poverty will go away. The distribution system is already being worked on by many missionary groups and other groups as well.
It is merely a matter of time before the world has sufficient cure solution for both malaria and AIDS. Even though we give it away very cheap, it will generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Others will copy us and sell out cure to the world as well, but we don't care. We will still make money and we hope others do begin to distribute it, and if fact, we hope they do. This cure is effective and already being used in Africa at this writing to cure many different diseases. In fact it will cure 95% of the worlds diseases. The world will be changed. Most diseases will be cured in days instead of being treated for months or years and then dying.
So this is our first step. Step (2) Once step one is sufficiently under way, not going full force, but well under way, we will go to Step (2). I have already discussed this step with Africa leaders and they have already invited me back to implement this step. I was also able to discuss this with one government in South America as well. Let me explain: