Due to recent discrepancies, questions should be raised.

What do I know?

The Intellectual Property for Humbles claims was lodged in the late 90"s, and not by him.
It was lodged by OXO Chemie Ag, A private Swiss biotech company specialising in clinical trials and solutions relating to the immune system, specialising in changes in patterns to red blood cells.
Dimethaid Research Inc., a publicly traded Canadian pharmaceutical company, acquired
Oxo Chemie AG, on May 31, 2002. ...
This is where Humble had handed to him on a plate information from the Internet, knowing that it will not get FDA approval and go no further

WO 1999/017787 - International Preliminary Examination Report


Many years prior to Humble and his books claims, my company and others in the Industry were and still are using the technology Humble claims to have invented.

Based on facts and information known to me, I can prove Humble is a FRAUD, a liar and a man who has no credibility based on facts he deliberately continues with lies about detox when people are actually sick from ClO2 poisoning. Claims of:
Caring for the third world and no interest in money are rubbish. Humble says he is selling 10,000 bottles a month, he gets a $1.00 a bottle as the Kinnaman Foundation that collect that money do so for him.
He deceives people by using and allowing, eg: Dr Edward Lias PhD to independently evaluate MMS medical claims, THIS CLOWN HAS A PhD  IN LITERATURE, no medical qualifications, Dr Larry Smith PhThD is rewriting his protocols, THIS CLOWN HAS NO PhD at all. Approves sites to sell triple strength MMS secretly for Jim's friends and only for them, RUBBISH IT IS STILL JUST NORMAL MMS, IT IS A CON!
It makes me so angry, many might remember the colloidal silver SCAM many years ago, where people were coned into taking so much their skin changed color, the product Humble uses is my passion and my business. I don't want the same taint left as with the silver so I will do every thing I can to expose him.  His Malaria expert came on board 2 years ago! There is no proof or evidence of his 75,000 malaria cures. His product is nearly the strongest available in liquid, it is hazchem and dangerous goods, but he does not care. I have personally viewed emails from Humble to MMS users that complain about diarrhea, nausea, vomiting etc where he tells them to get lost and do what they want as no one will stop him! In one of his previous books he claims to set a world wide network marketing scheme using MMS to fund the sect he is affiliated with.
He takes no responsibility for his fraudulent claims.

Since my complaints to Government Depts and MMS suppliers being under pressure, Humble now wants people to lie again about the use of the chemical they buy. After writing in his books about his cures, he now claims MMS does not cure anything.
Abrahams site says MMS cures nothing, it is the mind that does, Humble has 1000's of people now running round making medical recommendation's without any knowledge except his teachings!
7000% profit in every bottle.
Humbles Protocol is rubbish and false because he nor any of his supporters know what they are talking about!

Q. Is MMS approved for use as per Humbles MMS Protocol
A. No
Q. Are claims by MMS to cures validated with tests and proven data regarding efficacy.
A. No
Q. Did Jim Humble invent the use of acids to activate sodium chlorite.
A. No.
Q. Does Humble advise you to lie and deceive to obtain your MMS.
A. Yes
Q. Is MMS and Humbles protocol a danger to ones Health.
A. Yes
Q. Charitable claims questionable as MMS product cost only  $0.25 c per bottle and sells for $20.00
A. Yes